Belonging? Diversity, Recognition and Shared Citizenship in Canada


Edited by Keith Banting, Thomas J. Courchene and F. Leslie Seidle
Table of ContentsSample Chapter | Conclusion
February 2007

Diversity is one of Canada's defining characteristics. Yet here, as in other Western democracies, diversity policies are being called into question by developments such as the growing salience of identity, race and religion. Do minorities really feel they belong to the country? Is discrimination still a reality? Is social cohesion being strained?

In this volume, leading scholars from Canada, Europe and the United States explore two broad policy agendas: first, themulticultural agenda, which focuses on recognizing cultural diffeences, helping minorities express their distinct identities and practices, and building more inclusive concepts of citizenship; second, the integration agenda, which seeks to bring minorities into the mainstream, strengthen the sense of mutual support and solidarity, and reinforce the bonds of a common community.

The authors of these 15 chapters and 8 commentaries examine these questions from a range of perspectives, with a focus on ethnocultural minorities and indigenous peoples. In their concluding chapter, the editors discuss priorities that emerge from the analysis and relate them to the objectives of strengthening belonging and shared citizenship.

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