The Art of The State: Governance in a World Without Frontiers


Edited by Thomas J. Courchene and Donald Savoie
Table of Contents | Introduction
January 2003

With the advent of the information revolution and the intensification of globalization, Canadians are forced to think beyond the traditional borders to our country, our economy and our identity, and begin to embrace the unknown realms that lie beyond these frontiers. Under the general rubric of "governance," this collection enlists noted authors to share their insights in terms of the likely future workings of a range of public policy challenges such as the new economic order (Richard Harris), citizenship (Will Kymlicka), the nature of power and democracy (B. Guy Peters), federalism (Ronald Watts), public service (Christopher Pollitt), subnational communities (Michael Keating), international regimes (Pierre Marc Johnson and Karel Mayrand) and corporate governance (Ronald Daniels and Benjamim Alarie).

These governance perspectives are then subjected to formal assessment by acknowledged experts as well as current practitioners.

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